How to Make Stinky Tofu

Posted on March 14, 2013 by EchoMe

I believe persons who have a chance to eat stinky tofu would forget that flavour, no matter whether you like it or not. Some people feel it delicious, but some can’t bear the stink. Haha, now I would like to show you how to make stinky tofu step by step.

How to make stinky tofu

Ingredients: 1 piece of northern tofu, 3 pieces of stinky fermented beancurds

Seasoning: high proof white wine


1. Cut northern tofu into fine sections. Put them in a container. Prepare 3 pieces of stinky fermented beancurds.

How to Make Stinky Tofu                     How to Make Stinky Tofu

2. Add little water into stinky fermented beancurds to get stinky fermented beancurds melted. Add high proof white wine. Mix well.

How to Make Stinky Tofu                     How to Make Stinky Tofu

3. Add well-mixed stinky beancurds liquid into northern tofu. Put a lid on the container, set the container in a shade.

How to Make Stinky Tofu                     How to Make Stinky Tofu

4. After 24 hours, the tofu turns stinky. We can now eat it. Add oil into a wok, heat the wok. Then add stinky tofu to fry in hot oil. When the tofu surface turns golden, fetch it out from the wok, we can sprinkle pepper powder and cumin powder on it. Then eat!!!

How to Make Stinky Tofu                     How to Make Stinky Tofu

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