4 Vegetables Suitable for Health Nourishment in Spring

Spring is a season in which everything comes to life and flourishes. The green vegetables suitable for health nourishment in spring have already been ready for harvest stealthily. Do you know which kind of vegetables is beneficial for health nourishment in spring? In this warm season, how to enhance immunity, supplement nutrition, promote metabolism has become an issue of great concern. Therefore, today I will recommend several vegetables suitable for spring to eat.

Shepherd’s Purse

Stir Fry Shepherd's Purse with Dried Tofu

Once people thought fish and meat are the most nutritious. Today people become more and more careful about the selection of food materials. But when the genetically modified food with perfect appearance appeared, the gourmets finally are awakened to the fact that natural food can make body strong. So, the once despised wild vegetables now appear on the top grade dining table, because health is precious.

Shepherd’s purse is the in-season wild vegetable in March. The traditional Chinese medicine believes that this vegetable can clear heat, detoxify the body, stop bleeding, strengthen spleen and is good for eyes. There is also a proverb among the folks saying “Shepherd’s purse is miraculous cure in March”, which means that eating shepherd’s purse on March 3rd on Chinese lunar calendar can strengthen body and cure diseases. It was also recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica like this: The shepherd’s purse can remove heat from liver, alleviate water retention and is good for the eyes.

Shepherd’s purse has long been used in medicine as well as food. With sweet and neutral taste, it can strengthen the spleen, stop bleeding, improve eyesight, and benefit the liver, beneficial to bad temper and high blood pressure. Also, this vegetable can stimulate people’s appetite and digest retention of food. The shepherd’s purse contains balanced nutrients, including rich Vitamin C and carotene. Eating shepherd’s purse contributes a lot to enhancing immunity, lowering blood pressure and stimulating appetite, especially in spring.


Pork Liver Soup with Spinach

Spinach is sweet and cold but not poisonous. Its indomitable life force makes it grow still in cold winters. Its growing habits bestow it the function of removing cold and fire. With rich vitamin and nutrient elements such as Calcium and Iron, spinach can moist dryness and smooth blood. The enormous amount of Vitamin C and folic acid contained in spinach can enhance pregnant women’s absorbing power of iron, so spinach is the ideal food for iron deficient anemia. Besides, the rich dietary fiber makes it scavenger inside the intestines.

After being boiled, the spinach is soft, smooth and digestible, very suitable for the old, the baby, the ill and the weak. Computer workers and people pursuing beauty should also often eat spinach. Eating spinach often can help keep the blood sugar steady in diabetes. Moreover, this vegetable is also suitable for patients infected with high blood pressure, constipation, scurvy, as well as people with coarse skin and people suffering from allergy.


Barbecued Leek

Leek is in its best in early spring, a little worse in late autumn, and the worst in summer. So there is the saying “Delicious in spring, smelly in summer.” The taste of leek is fresh and special. The special spicy flavor is produced by the sulfide contained in it. The sulfide can also help kill bacteria and diminish inflammation, which in turn contributes to enhancing the immunity in the warm spring.

The sulfide contained in the leek can also help absorb Vitamin B1 and Vitamin A, so matching leek with pork food, which is rich in Vitamin B1, is a nutritious way to eat. However, sulfide easily volatilizes when heated, so people should stirfry it with emergency fire when cooking. A little more heat will make the leek lose flavor.

Bamboo Shoots in Spring

Stewed Bamboo Shoots

The bamboo shoots picked up after Beginning of Spring (one of the solar terms) are mellow and pure. It is named as King of Vegetables and one of the Eight Treasures of Mountain Vegetables, due to its tenderness and delicacy.

The bamboo shoots in spring contain ingredients such as protein, amino acid, fat, sugar, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, carotene and Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, so it has high officinal value. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the bamboo shoots, with the bitter and sweet taste, can reduce phlegm, clear heat and smooth the vein. There is such recording in Recordings of Famous Doctors: The bamboo shoots can consume thirst and tonify energy, and can be eaten for long. It is also recorded in Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica like this: The bamboo shoots can smooth the vein, reduce phlegm and improve digestion, especially beneficial to remove heat.

Cedrela Sinensis

Stir Fry Cedrela Sinensis with Eggs

Cedrela sinensis wins a group of die-hard fans for its unique flavor and short harvest season. Around Grain Rain (6th solar term) every spring, the tender shoots of cedrela sinensis are picked and made into all kinds of delicacies on the dining table.

Cedrela sinensis is the tender shoots of the cedrela sinensis tree, so it is called “vegetables on the tree”. It has rich nutrition and possesses high officinal value. The vegetable has thick leaves, tender shoots, green leaves and red edges, looking just like agate and jade. The strong delicacy and rich nutrition makes it outweigh other vegetables, and become precious dish for treating guests.

Cedrela sinensis is an in-season vegetable. The volatiled aromatic organic matter such as Cedar element can strengthen the spleen and stimulate the appetite. It is called “Progesterone” because the contained Vitamin E and sex hormone can combat aging and tonify yang (a term in traditional Chinese medicine) and nourish yin (a term in traditional Chinese medicine). The vegetable can also clear heat and remove toxin, used to assist the treatment of enteritis, dysentery and urinary system infection. The volatiled flavor of cedrela sinensis can penetrate the cuticular layer of roundworms so that the worms can not be affiliated to the intestinal wall and be released out of the body, thus curing ascariasis. With rich Vitamin C and carotene, the vegetable can help enhance the immunity and nourish the skin, thus regarded as the good food for health care and beauty.

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