We Are All Cup Lovers

Water accounts for about 60% of the weight of a human body. Every day, if a person keeps still, he or she will consume 1134 grams of water, so our whole life lies in water, looking for that cup belongs to you. Many people like to collect various kinds of cups while some girls also like the way sending cups to the beloved speak out their love, because a cup is on behalf of one’s whole life.

a cup lover

Missing is like a cup of coffee, sometimes bitter with sweet. Although bitter but with flavor, let you become addicted to it. Missing is a cup of coffee, carrying all the words which will be spoken to you. “Did you drink water? Have you used the cup I sent to you?” Girls grab an excuse to give him a call.

cozy knitting cup cozy knitting coffee cup

When it is cold, someone hands you a warm tea, and the knitting wool of the cup is so cute, furry especially cute ~ let’s help the cup wear sweaters.

glass cup flower tea cup

Different drinks, exclusive tastes need a cup. So do not try to find a reason why you are a cup lover. You just simply like looking at them, so there is a sense of security. You need a cup; to make a cup cake, and your afternoon is filled with sweet touch. You need a cup, to do a cake, and tender and smooth steamed egg custard will warm your hungry stomach. You need a cup bearing spring in the air, the small wildflowers outside in cup brings new vitality to the whole house.

tea cup coffee cup

Finally you determine to express your love with someone forever. You carefully select a pair of cups, you want to tell the beloved that you wanna be with him or her for a lifetime. Although both of you cannot be together every day, seeing the same cup reminds the beloved, his or her breath, voice, movement. You hold the cup and the temperature of the water passes to the tip of the finger like holding the beloved’s hand. Maybe this is the charisma of the cup, so you buy a lot of cups. No matter in which room you are, you can see the same cup as the beloved’s. For we are all cup lovers.

coffee cup coffee cup

So, dear, are you a cup lover?

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