Top Five Homemade Beauty Recipes for Skin

There are so many different facets of strength for women: the coquettish one, the talented one, the gentle one, the straightforward one, the optimistic one, the cool one, the delicate one, the one with western flavor, the individualistic one, the capable one, the outgoing one, the pretty one, the charming one, the proud one, the one who pursuits self, the lovable one, and the tomboy.

Women are like mountains, as clear as mountain. Women are like water, tender and gentle. Women are like wind, not imposing any impression. Women are like flowers, blossoming and thriving. Life will be very terrible for women if there is no water. How long can the heavy makeup, which steals the water in the skin away, maintain the female beauty? Let’s just stay away from office and moisture preservation and turn to dietetic invigoration. Today, I will recommend several vegetables for moisturizing.

Top Five Homemade Beauty Recipes for Skin

White fungus: The white fungus is mild in nature and non-poisonous, and can benefit vital energy, nourish yin (the feminine element in the composition of nature according traditional Chinese philosophy) and moisten the lung. With the vegetalitas colloid that naturally occurring, the white fungus has the functions of removing chloasma and freckle on the face and moistening the skin.

Cooking white fungus with sugar candy: Soak proper amount of white fungus and tear up the ready ones with hand. Pour a large amount of water into the pot, put goji and white fungus. After the water is boiled, boil it with moderate heat for 30 to 40 minutes. When the soup becomes a little dense, put in the sugar candy. Once the sugar candy is melted, braise it for several minutes, and then it is ready.

Cooking white fungus with sugar candy

Chinese Yam: With its abundant nutrition, yam has always been regarded the good food for tonifying deficiency with low price. With its calmness in nature, yam is the food with top quality to nourish yin (the feminine element in the composition of nature according traditional Chinese philosophy) and moisten the lung. It can be eaten as staple food, or vegetables or snacks such as sugarcoated haws on a stick. Today I will recommend several simple and delicious fruity yams.

Cooking fruity yams: Brew the juice with little boiled water, so the density of the juice is maintained. Peel the yam and cut it into little sections, and then blanch it with boiled water until it turns transparent. Put a spoonful of honey into the cooled juice. Soak the yam sticks into the juice. Seal the box and store it in the refrigerator for a night so that it will be tasty.

Cooking fruity yams

Kiwi fruit: With the good dietary fiber, the kiwi fruit can not only lower the amount of cholesterol, strengthen the heart, but also help digestion, prevent constipation and clear away rapidly and prevent the poisonous metabolin piled up inside the body. So it has the function of moistening and brightening the skin. Spring is the high-occurrence season for excessive internal heat, so make a cup of cucumber and kiwi fruit juice for yourself.

Making cucumber and kiwi fruit: peel off the kiwi fruit and slice into pieces. Clean cucumber and also slice into pieces. Put them into a mixer, extract cucumber and kiwi juice. Finally add some honey.

Top Five Homemade Beauty Recipes for Skin

Bean curd: With the abundant soy isoflavone, the bean curd has the function of antioxidation, so it can brighten the skin. Lecithin can strengthen the moisture effects of skin, and is the priority food for health maintenance and promoting longevity. Next I will recommend a mild dish with little oil: healthy bean curd.

Making healthy bean curd: Cut the bean curd into small pieces, and cut the clean garlic-seedling into small sections. Pour water into the pot, put bean curd and salt and boil with hot fire for five minutes. Then put the garlic-seedling and continue heating. When it is boiled, put a little chicken powder and take out the food. Sprinkle a little chili oil or sesame oil on the bean curd and then it is ready.

Making healthy bean curd

Carrot: Carrot can moisten the skin, so it is called “food for skin”. The abundant pectic substance contained in the carrot, once mixed with mercury, can discharge the poisonous materials inside the body. So the skin looks more tender and rosy. Now I will recommend a dish: sweet and sour carrot.

Cooking sweet and sour carrot: Peel the clean carrot and then slice it and put in the plate. Sprinkle the salt and mix it evenly, and then pickle it for around 15 minutes. Clean the pickled soft carrot and drain dry the water. Slice the lettuce. Then put the sugar, vinegar, sesame oil and lettuce, sprinkle processed sesame and mix it evenly. Then the dish is ready.

Cooking sweet and sour carrot