Sour and Sweet Quail Eggs

Are you obsessed with some food? I am so much into quail eggs food for its special taste. Quail’s eggs are tiny, speckled beauties. They are cooked in a very short time, and make an elegant addition to other dishes. Today I will show some different ways to cook quail eggs.

Sour and Sweet Quail Eggs

Timing: around 30 minutes

Ingredients: 16 quail eggs; some starch

Seasoning: sweet sour juice; ketchup; vinegar; 1tbsp of soy sauce; 1tbsp of sugar; 1 tsp of chicken essence


1. Add cold water and quail eggs into the wok, heat the wok and bring water into boiling. Then take quail eggs out of the wok and put them in cold water. Then shell the quail eggs easily.

Sour and Sweet Quail EggsSour and Sweet Quail Eggs

2. Add dry starch to stain the quail eggs. Add oil into a wok, heat the wok until fragrance. Add quail eggs into the wok for fry. When the quail eggs turn golden, take them out of the wok.

Sour and Sweet Quail Eggs_4Sour and Sweet Quail Eggs

3. Take a bowl, add ketchup, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and chicken essence and mix them well. Again add oil into a wok, when the oil is slightly heated, add sweet sour juice, then stir fry. Add fried quail eggs, stir fry on a low heat. When the juice is  equally distributed on quail eggs, switch off the heat. Serve.

Sour and Sweet Quail Eggs_6Sour and Sweet Quail Eggs

Cooking tips:

After finishing cooking, soak quail eggs directly in cold water. Then we can easily shell the quail eggs and have a nice  peel. When frying the eggs, don’t use too hot oil, and don’t fry too long otherwise the eggs will crack. And don’t stir fry too long after adding sweet sour juice in case the wok is scorched or black caking comes out.