Razor Clam with Chinese Leek Flavor

I like eating razor clam, like its fleshy delicious taste. Razor clam due to its excellent cost-saving performance is regarded as an economically affordable seafood. The way to cook and eat seafood, in my opinion, is as simple as possible. The more simple the cooking way is, the more forthright the taste is. Some people like to scald the razor clam before stir fry. I think it is wrong. Dong so would loose the original fresh tasty broth and the taste would not be that good.
Razor Clam with Chinese Leek
Razor clam has some positive edible effects. Razor clam flesh tastes sweet salty, cold-natured, nourishing the Yin, clearing the heat, and relieving the alcohol according to traditional Chinese medicine principle. The razor clam has some treatment function on postpartum deficiency, hot thirstiness, edema, diarrrhea and drunkenness.

Because razor clam is rich in iodine and selenium, suitable for patients with hyperthyrea and the old. People with postpartum deficiency, hot thirstiness, edema, diarrrhea and drunkenness can eat more. However, people who have the deficient cold of spleen and stomach shouldn’t eat too much. There is a precaution that pregnant women shouldn’t eat too much razor clam.

Ingredients: 400g razor clam; 50g Chinese leek

Seasonings: 2 tbsp of oil; 1 tsp of salt; ginger; 10 pericarpium zanthoxyli


Razor Clam with Chinese Leek1. Clean the Chinese leek, slice into 5cm long sections. Also clean the ginger and slice into fine pieces.




Razor Clam with Chinese Leek2. Clean razor clams, and drain them in reserve use.




Razor Clam with Chinese Leek3. Add oil ino the wok. After the oil is heated, add ginger slices and pericarpium zanthoxyli, stir fry until fragrance.




Razor Clam with Chinese Leek4. Add prepared razor clams, stir fry on high heat.




Razor Clam with Chinese Leek5. When the shell of razor clams is open and scalding juice comes out, add salt and stir fry.




Razor Clam with Chinese Leek6. Switch off the heat, add Chinese leek slices, stir fry evenly.




Tiny tips: razor clam flesh tastes sweet salty, cold-natured, so it’s good to eat razor clam in summer. It’s better not to add too much salt when we cook seafood in order to keep its original fresh taste. After adding salt, switching off the heat, then add Chinese leek.