How Much Blood Accompanies Cutting Board?

cutting board

Eating a meal is a pleasure, but preparing it might be a cruel thing for some. The kitchens of non-vegetarian families always appear horrible scenes of crime in the process of separation of the meat, and the minced meat and bloodstains adhere to the wall here and there. The supermarkets in Peking China often sell ribs in a generous way, in big pieces, rendering the economical elders crowding around the hill of meat and leaving for home with the huge fun of meat. Encouraged by the elders’ passion, the inexperienced and ill-equipped housewife who has or not has a child buys the big piece of meat home following an impulse, a nightmare begins. The process of it is very boring and demands strong arm muscles. Chopping, continually chopping. The specific process is: A black profile lifts the cleaver up and down continually while the blood and meat pieces are spilling. If the scene is dubbed Hitchcockian suspenseful style music and turning grim smiles, how perfect a horrible movie clip it will be!

wood cutting board

No matter what kind of ingredients, we must handle on cutting board before cooking.

In those horrible scenes, the cleaver is no doubt the prime murder weapon, followed by the cutting boards. In modern kitchens there are bamboo and plastic cutting boards which are far from professional when they encounter the ribs. The bamboo cutting board sounds vulnerable, and does not afford to be stomped by the jumping bones. It will rise up with the cleaver while the latter moves up and down violently. Seriously, the bamboo fibers may break down under a heavy chop. Anyone who sees the pathetic little one being raped like this will get a sigh.

bamboo cutting board

Separating tendon and bones is a cruel art in kitchen.

The plastic cutting boards look not natural or healthy. Indeed, according to the cost, they are the optimum selection. After all, the plastic ones are difficult to be washed out. If let a plastic cutting boards as the board for bloody cutting movement, the initial funny pop art work will get dirty. Its color will dim soon too. So it will be an ugly thing that affects your passion of cooking instead of a pleasant colorful and tidy one.

plastic cutting board

Plastic cutting boards are the most popular ones. They are suitable for outdoor operation.

It is said that willow cutting boards are the most perfect cutting boards. The willow wood is hard and elastic, and it is rarely impressed even after the long use. I remember our cutting board was an expensive big plancon when I was a child. Its annual ring was apparent. There existed thin indentations after tens of thousands of chops. A wooden cutting board like this should be strapped by a hoop iron that had a handle for hanging, because a wooden cutting board would split if it lay idle for long. It was heavy so it usually lay in a certain place. The handle was rarely used. The heavy cutting board did not move when ribs or chickens were chopped, doing a really good job. The bamboo cutting boards were not as steady as the wooden ones in any case in later life.
wooden cutting board

Now we often let sellers help us separate bones and tendon.

My parents turn to the light bamboo cutting board now. Elders have little fish and meat, and the bamboo cutting board meets the demands. However, there is still a huge stone-like cutting board that has never been separated for use. It is so heavy that it will exhaust you while carrying. One of my mother’s students sent her it as a gift for the Spring Festival. The student’s parents worked in a cutting board factory. The cutting board which is punched and impressed with scrap timber was very hard. It was said that it also contained high technology. But it failed to open the market yet. I know nothing about whether the factory still produces cutting board now, or it would have collapsed.

bamboo cutting board

No matter whether you cook or not, a cutting board is indispensable.


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