Green Tea with Pear

Green tea is considered as a “national drink” in China. As we all know that it can help immediate weight loss, good news for girls. Almost everyone knows the benefits of drinking it, but some girls can hardly endure the dull and bitter flavor of the tea. Now I would like to give a healthy green tea, not only with a good taste but also beautifying and nourishing face. On one summer afternoon I can drink ten glasses of it.
Green Tea with Pear

Difficulty: cutting(elementary)
Cooking time: 10-30 minutes
Ingredients: green tea; pear
Seasoning: 1 glass of cold boiled water; 1 glass of boiling water; rock candy


1. Prepare all needed materials. Clean the pear, peel and pit the pear, then cut into  small sections.

Green Tea with PearGreen Tea with Pear

2. Infuse green tea in boiling water for ten minutes, then add cold boiled water and pear into a juicer to squeeze.

Green Tea with PearGreen Tea with Pear

3. Here comes the pear juice. After green tea is made, filter the tea leaves and add pear juice into green tea. Finally add some rock candy according to personal taste.

Green Tea with PearGreen Tea with Pear_6


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