Good Wine into Delicious Dishes

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According to ancient Chinese poetry, “deep sleep” is the best way to dispel one’s drunkenness. Many heroes in the hot film Hangover obviously haven’t grasped this knack. How to do with the leftover wine? The best way is to use it for cooking. Wine is the best companion of the meat cuisine. Various kinds of wine can break the stiff situation in which the cooking wine corners the whole market.

good wine

Hot Spicy Eggplants and Catfish Cooked with Wine

When I was just admitted to the university, people still took my hometown as the origin place of Maotai wine. So I was often asked about capacity for liquor. I always blushingly said that I was a wimpy drinker. Just taking a sip makes my face swell and blush. This might be due to gene, for my father has the same symptom as me when drinking wine. However, during China’s Spring Festival relatives and friends still bring Maotai wine to our house. At that time we could find one bottle of Maotai wine cruised from here to there. Because once I found a bottle of Maotai wine brought to our house by my aunt was quite similar to the one we took to my uncle’s. The ball pen mark I left on the packing case was still there.

These cruising wines could be easily consumed at typical Chinese treat occasions. Though my families are not good at drinking, most of our friends and relatives are really strong drinkers. Sometimes Maotai wine can be left during wine and snacks boardgame gathering. This only had happened before Maotai wine sold well in the market. Before Chinese open-door policy Maotai wine didn’t look as expensive as gold. Nowadays no matter how to struggle, the leftover can be drunk off. But lots of our relatives who drank in our house had passed away, far away from the drinking table.

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Pork Ribs Cooked with Red Wine

The leftover can be used for cooking. I don’t know if due to psychological effect or not, I feel twice-cooked pork slices fried with Maotai wine is more delicious than the one with other wine. Though I had cooked with other Maotai-flavor liquors, no one could compare with Maotai wine. So I feel spicy dishes in southwestern regions of China can be cooked better with high-proof wines than cooking wine and yellow rice wine. Now at hand I have some brandy with XO written some friend gave to me, with which especially colors braised fish and meat while cooking.

good wine

Healthy and Delicious Cod Fish Cooked with Japanese Rice Wine

Not long ago I invited some friends to the dinner at home with a bottle of aniseed red wine left. I mixed this red wine with whisky and unboiled hot water to clean ox tripe. It was quite magic to instantly remove rammish smell, and add crisp taste. Food is a bit sweet with this kind of aniseed red wine, but quite good with whisky. I have used whisky for a while and put the cooking wine aside. For more about how to use wine when cooking, please click here for more reference: The Wine Bible

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