Garden Pea Rice for Lazy People

Why do I take this garden pea rice recipe for lazy people? For everyone with electric rice cooker can cook it. It is absolutely simple. Adding some sausage and garden pea, we can make the rice more delicious.
Garden Pea Rice for Lazy People
Timing: Around 45 minutes

Ingredients: two cups of rice; 2 pieces of sausage; half bowl of garden pea

Seasonings: 1 carrot; 2tsps of salt; water; 1 tsp of chicken essence; 2 tbsps of oil

Garden Pea Rice for Lazy People1. Shell the garden peas, cut the carrot and sausage into small sections.






Garden Pea Rice for Lazy People2. Add oil into the wok, heat the wok. When there is fragrance, add carrot, sausage and garden pea into the wok. Stir fry for about 20 minutes until the garden pea is suitable to eat.





Garden Pea Rice for Lazy People3. Rinse the rice, add rice into electric cooker. Then add more water into the electric cooker than usual. Add salt and chicken essence. After 40 minutes, finally you will savor a delicate rice flavour and start to eat.