Food That Relieves The Most Common Diseases For Fathers

Whether at home or outside, most people focus on women’s health, psychological status or others. While men have long been considered as the primary support of the whole family, people pay less attention to men. Really men need more caring in such a hustling and bustling world. With the increase of age and life stress, now health problems have happened to a lot of middle-aged men.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can be seen everywhere in our daily life now, and with the increase of age lots of chances will lead to diseases. After suffering from high blood pressure, the patients need to use anti hypertensive drugs. As a medicine, it is more or less toxic. Besides using anti hypertensive drugs, taking control of diet can improve blood pressure. First, taking care of salt intake, than is taking control of the sodium. Actually the main element affecting blood pressure is sodium. Usually we can buy a sort of a high potassium low sodium salt because sodium can boost blood pressure and potassium would help reduce blood pressure. So at the same time we can choosing food ingredients rich in potassium such as banana, almond, soy, oat, pumpkin, Shiitake, carrot and so on.

purple sweet potato with pumpkin


Now the transportation is more and more convenient, living standards are improved, obesity is epidemic in our lives. The first harm caused by obesity is hyperlipidemia. No exercise is another factor leading to the increasing incidence of hyperlipidemia. Now one person out ten has suffered from hyperlipidemia. If someone wants to reduce hyperlipidemia, firstly he or she should take control of eating and take more exercise. Besides, food had better be less greasy or higher cellulosic such as white pea, kale, edamame, broccoli, spinach, amaranth, oat, etc.

cold dressed kale


The incidence of diabetes tends to appear more in younger people now. People who suffer from diabetes may choose to eat more fish and vegetables. Diabetes patients usually can eat fruit and diet rich in fiber to keep balanced, which can stop starving but also reduce blood glucose rising speed. For example, people can eat coarse grains or have milk drinks as they have fruits, which all can reduce blood glucose rising. Besides the diet, it’s also important for a diabetes patient to be mentally healthy. Diabetes patients can eat food ingredients such as soy bean, oats, corn flour etc. to alleviate blood glucose quickly rising trend.

Steamed Corn Bread Mix


Compared with women, the incidence of gout in men accounts for a large proportion. The incidence rate between men and women is about 20 to 1. One of the primary factors is diet. Long-term intake of food rich in purines, especially eating seafood and at the same time drinking beers, would cause gout diseases. In addition, obesity,   overwork and working stress etc. are also causes of gout attack. Gout patients should be away from animal internal organs and seafood; shouldn’t eat too much meat and meat soup; also should stay away from fungi, mushrooms, and soy products because these food ingredients contain rich purine. After metabolism, there will be uric acid in the body, which would cause gout disease.


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